donderdag 31 december 2009

Digging a hole

Earlier I posted the David McComb penned tracks on the Takaways album sweet and sour. A second album, sweet and sour volume two, contains Digging a hole, sung by Cathy McQuade, originally on tape 6 (full tape here :

Here you can find that version :

I must admit I like it very much.

Enjoy your holidays !

vrijdag 20 november 2009

Blackeyed Susans : Some night, somewhere (updated)

This live album was issued in December 1996 in a limited amount of copies. According to wikipedia it was given away as a bonus with a pressing of "Mouth to mouth", but at the time I bought it separately in a local record store in Genk. Now out of print.

1. Sheets Of Rain
2. Let’s Live
3. Mary Mac
4. I Can’t Find Your Pulse
5. I Need You
6. Glory, Glory
7. She Breathes In (She Breathes Out)
8. A Curse On You (updated link !)

zondag 8 november 2009

Deep in a dream

Deep in a Dream: An Evening with the Songs of David McComb. Buy it here :

Description as found on this site : A live album of remarkable interpretations of the late David McComb's songs. Featuring The Blackeyed Susans' only available collection of live recordings, the previously unreleased costar song The Good Life Never Ends and a reading of the David McComb poem Behind the Garages of This Country by Sean M Whelan. Recorded at the overwhelmingly successful benefit show at Melbourne's Corner Hotel in June 2008. 100% of proceeds of the CD will be used for the making of the documentary on David McComb - Love in Bright Landscapes.

The description is not completely correct as of course a Blackeyed Susans live album exists and is posted here :

Tracks on this album are :

1. Ocean of You (The Blackeyed Susans)
2. A Curse on You (The Blackeyed Susans)
3. Raining Pleasure (Charles Jenkins)
4. Spanish Blue (Shackelton)
5. 25 to 5 (Shackelton)
6. Red Pony (Diving Bell)
7. Tender is the Night (Diving Bell)
8. Behind the Garages of this Country (Sean M Whelan & The Mime Set)
9. Lonely Stretch (The Mime Set )
10. In the Pines (The Blackeyed Susans)
11. Blackeyed Susan (The Blackeyed Susans)
12. Jimmy (The Blackeyed Susans)
13. The Good Life Never Ends (The Blackeyed Susans)

As you should all buy it (highly recommended and must for all triffheads), I only post one song as a teaser and introduction (and highlight) of the cd.

vrijdag 6 november 2009

Pet Sounds sucks

Blasphemy ? Nope ! Brilliant tour cd by Lambchop.

1 The New Cobweb Summer
2 My Blue Wave
3 I Can Hardly Spell My Name
4 Flick
5 You Masculine You
6 Catapillar
7 Bugs
8 The Book I Haven't Read
9 The Puppy and the Leaf
10 Flub

vrijdag 25 september 2009

Skyray - Mind Lagoons

Skyray is a project by Paul Simpson (The Wild Swans). The now OOP Mind Lagoons album also features Bill Drummond (the KLF). Apparently it was Bill who contributed pedal steel guitar samples by "Evil" Graham Lee on some tracks of this album, i.e. samples that were not used on the KLF albums. So here you get your Triffids connection !

I really like Graham's contribution here, as well as his work with the KLF and with (more recently) All India Radio.

Sunset Love Drone
Jet Stream Summer
Bikini Atoll
Sunken Ships
Mind Lagoons (spoken word by Bill Drummond)
Marine Light Interlude
Ornate Flame Terminal
Girl in a Birdcage
Starry Dome Interlude
Jet Stream (Vapour Trails)
Aloha Sunset Lovedrome
High Viking (Hidden Track)

dinsdag 15 september 2009

Blackeyed susans boxset coming

At the End of October, the Susans will start a short live tour in Australia. This is what I got from the liveguide website :

The Blackeyed Susans embark on their first national tour in over five years to celebrate the release of their new retrospective box set ‘Reveal Yourself 1989-2005’. Lush, dark and romantic, The Susans last album, ‘Shangri-La’, earned them their second Aria nomination and had Rolling Stone Magazine declaring them national treasures. Now they return to the stage with a show that spans their entire back catalogue, serving both the long time true believers out there and those seeking an introduction to the op-shop styings the band so beautifully twist into something uniquely their own. Featuring with The Blackeyed Susans will be pedal steel ace and part-time Susan "Evil" Graham Lee of The Triffids.

So apparently the long wait will be over. I haven't seen a tracklist yet. Maybe some reader of this blog knows more ?

As a teaser you can find here a live version of Spin the wheel. This track is on a lust for live 2cd set of triple j performances.

And from facebook : tracklist
Don't Call Yourself An Angel
Enemy Mine
Cripple Creek
Ocean Of You
Will's Blues
Glory Glory
A Curse On You
Every Gentle Soul
Apartment #9
Dirty Water
This One Eats Souls
Let's Live
Mary Mac
Mouth To Mouth
By Your Hand
I Need You
The End Of The Line

Smokin' Johnny Cash
Blue Skies Blue Sea
I Am A Singer
Bottle Of Red
You're A Good Doctor
Come Ride With Me
To Skin A Man
No Direction Home
Take Care
The End Of The World
Plastic Jesus
If I Can Dream
A Cat Needs A Mouse
End Of Time
Deliver Me
Lost Horizon
Endless Night

Ocean Of You (Alt)*
Jimmy (London)*
You're My Flaw
You're Draggin' Me*
Reveal Yourself (Bedroom)*
This One Eats Souls (Bedroom)*
Take Me Down
Someone Watching Over Me
Moody River
Lonesome Town
Dive For Your Memory
State Trooper (Single Version)
Sheets Of Rain (Live)
You Rule Me
Make It Easy On Yourself
Four Walls*
A Song Goes To War*
Daughters Of Charity*
*previously unreleased

DVD-Film Clips:
Enemy Mine
A Curse On You
Mary Mac
Let's Live
Smokin' Johnny Cash
Spin The Wheel
To Skin A Man
Private Dancer

The box set is released on Friday October 30, 2009. It includes a total of 65 tracks and retails for around $40. It will be available in all good music stores and from the merchandise desk at the upcoming Blackeyed Susans shows.

maandag 31 augustus 2009

Tall Tales & true - Superstition highway

5 track EP by Matthew de la Hunty's band.

Robert McComb plays guitar. Some sources on the internet even mention that Dave played guitar on the blistering title track. Does anyone know more ?

dinsdag 25 augustus 2009

Sparklers : Don't go changing / overworking

The last Sparklers one from my vaults, the brilliant Don't go changing. This ends my posts on the Melanie Oxley / Chris Abrahams combination.

Flipside is Overworking. I understand that one was issued earlier as a single as well but I don't have it.

maandag 24 augustus 2009

Wide open road - The Panics

The classic Triffids song as covered by The Panics, also from Perth. You can find this on the Like a version vol. 4 compilation.

vrijdag 21 augustus 2009

Sparklers : Persuasion

Well, this must be one of the most ugly LP covers - very eighties I suppose.

A1 Heart and Soul
A2 How Have You Managed
A3 Curiosity
A4 Persuasion
A5 Physical Game
A6 Sweet Love
B1 Truck
B2 I Want You to Know
B3 Money Honey
B4 White Pain
B5 Growing Tree
B6 Don't Go Changing

Though sound quality is good for my ears, please note that I blew up the track incrementing when transferring it from my vinyl. For instance, track B2 is split over files 8 and 9. So if you transfer this to a cd, I advise you to have no pauses inbetween tracks.

Apparently this has also been issued on cd with two non album bonus tracks (can be found on the singles I uploaded before and one final single from my collection is yet to come next week). If anyone has it, I would be very grateful if he or she could upload that one.

donderdag 20 augustus 2009

Sparklers : Heart and Soul/Middle of time

A third single by the Sparklers for you to listen to. Heart and soul also appears on the only album they made (Persuasion).

woensdag 19 augustus 2009

Too hot to move / On the street where U live

With temperatures over 30°C it's too hot to move too hot to think (in Belgium).

Sweet and Sour was an Australian television series which screened on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) in 1984. It was created by Tim Gooding and Johanna Pigott and was produced internally for the ABC by Jan Chapman.

The main storyline of the series followed the efforts of a fictional band, The Takeaways, to break into the Sydney music scene. Numerous Australian and New Zealand musicians and songwriters were involved in this TV series, i.a. David McComb !!!

What you get here are the The Takeaways versions of On the street where U live and Too hot to move, from the 1984 sweet and sour album.

Sparklers : Merry go round / When you're alone

Another single by the Sparklers.

dinsdag 18 augustus 2009

Sparklers - So often dreaming

As promised I dug into my vinyl for some Sparklers stuff, the Aussie band Melanie Oxley and Chris Abrahams played in. Here I have for you the single (from 1986) So often dreaming, penned by both, with its flipside Can't take anymore, penned by Melanie.

I hope you enjoy this one.

donderdag 13 augustus 2009

Smile !

Another nice Smile mix made from the originals

1. Prayer
2. Bicycle rider-Gee
3. Heroes and villains
4. Barnyard
5. Do you dig worms
6. You were my sunshine
7. Cabinessence
8. Wonderful
9. Look
10. Child is the father of the man
11. Vibrations
12. Vibrations
13. I'm in great shape
14. Holiday
15. Vege-tables
16. Earth
17. Wind chimes
18. Fire
19. Water - I love to say dada
20. Surf's up

woensdag 12 augustus 2009

Day of my ascension

Here you get an interview on Australian radio with Matthew de la Hunty, known of the band Tall tales & true (Rob McComb used to play in that band - I might upload some stuff of 'em in the future).

Included is a cover of Day of my ascension, originally on the David McComb album Love of Will.

Jason Penick Smile

While we are "into Jason Penick", I present to you his mix of the legendary lost Beach Boys album.

1. Prayer
2. Gee
3. Heroes & villains
4. Do you like worms
5. Barnyard
6. Old master painter sunshine
7. Cabin essence
8. Wonderful
9. Look
10. Child is father of the man
11. Surf's up
12. I'm in great shape
13. I wanna be around Friday night
14. Vega-tables
15. Holiday
16. Air
17. Wind chimes
18. Mrs. O Leary's cow
19. Fire
20. Water chant
21. Love to say dada
22. Prayer - reprise
23. Good vibrations

dinsdag 11 augustus 2009

Concert/Live in London

And yet another Jason Penick deluxe edition. This time two live albums by the Beach Boys with extra's. Enjoy !

maandag 10 augustus 2009

Another Beach Boys deluxe edition

Another one compiled by Jason Penick : shut down vol 2 / all summer long. Enjoy !

1-12. Shut Down vol. 2 - stereo from 2fer
13-24. All Summer Long - stereo from 2fer
25. The Lord's Prayer
26. I Do
27. What'd I Say (live 01.64)
28. I Can See Right Through You [Go Away Boy] - backing track
29. Ganz Allein
30. Don't Back Down - alt. take
31. Let's Live [Before We Die] - backing track
32. The Monkey's Uncle (feat. Annette)
33. Honda 55
34. Little Honda - alt. take

woensdag 5 augustus 2009

Surfin safari - surfin USA

Another Beach boys "deluxe edition" with bonus tracks as compiled by Jason Penick. Thanks go to him.

1-12. Surfin' Safari LP (mono from Capitol 2fer)
13-24. Surfin' U.S.A. LP (stereo from Capitol 2fer)
25. Surfin' - rehearsal 1961 (GV box set edit)
26. One Way Road to Love 1962 (Wilson/ Usher)#
27. Beginning of the End 1962 (Wilson/ Usher)
28. Visions 1962 (Wilson/ Usher)#
29. My Only Alibi aka Human 1962 (Wilson/ Usher)#
30. Their Hearts Were Full of Spring - demo 1962
31. Mr. Moto/ Interview (live 1962)
32. Surfin' Safari from "One Man's Challenge" (live 1962)
33. Land Ahoy 1962
34. Cindy, Oh Cindy 1962
35. Surfin' U.S.A. demo 1962
36. Punchline 1963
37. Little Surfer Girl demo 1963
38. [When Summer Comes] Gonna Hustle You demo 1963
39. [Thank Him for] Our Love demo 1963
40. The Baker Man 1963
41. Side Two 1963

dinsdag 4 augustus 2009

Beach boys deluxe edition

Deluxe edition of Surfer girl / Little deuce coupe as compiled by mr. Jason Penick from the rockin beach boys forum. Enjoy !

1-12 Surfer Girl LP (stereo version from 2fer)
13-24 Little Deuce Coupe LP (stereo version from 2fer)
25 In My Room - demo/ mono
26 Back Home - Brian's 1963 version/ mono
27 Pamela Jean (the Survivors)/ mono
28 After the Game (the Survivors)/ mono
29 Be True to Your School - 45 version/ mono
30 The Things We Did Last Summer/ mono
**Live at the Hollywood Bowl 11.01.63**
31 Intro (live)
32 Little Deuce Coupe (live)
33 In My Room (live)
34 Be True to Your School (live)
35 Surfer Girl (live)
36 Outro (live)

maandag 3 augustus 2009

Coal - Melanie Oxley & Chris Abrahams

This is within my knowledge the only other available album by the duo. I also have some Sparklers stuff, the band they played in, on vinyl. I will see if I can find time to rîp that stuff.

1 Light The Candle
2 Baby Baby
3 Belief
4 More Famous
5 Follow Me Down
6 I Know
7 Never Expected
8 Hole In My Head
9 Next World
10 Falling Star
11 Round
12 Let's Get Down
13 Follow My Heart

zondag 12 juli 2009

Jerusalem Bay - Melanie Oxley & Chris Abrahams

Third album by the duo, this time a more acoustic rendition.

1. So Fell You
2. Safe Journey
3. Wiseblood
4. Air
5. Time Of First Departures
6. Stolen
7. King Of Surfaces
8. That Animal
9. Jerusalem Bay
10. Cry Me A River

maandag 6 juli 2009

Welcome to violet - Melanie Oxley & Chris Abrahams

The first full album of this duo (1992) including pedal steel contributions by Graham Lee of the Triffids ! A must for all Triffheads around.

Sweet Girl
Everything Is Made Of Wood
You Can' t See Anything I Do
Here Come
You' ve Got A Lot To Learn
Short Time In A Suitcase
Everything About You Is Unbreakable
Don't Try So Hard
Somewhere To Fly

dinsdag 30 juni 2009

Resisting calm - Melanie Oxley & Chris Abrahams

Melanie Oxley performed backing vocals on The Triffids classic mini-album Raining pleasure. At the recent "reunion" concerts in Australia she performed Embedded in a stunning way.

Together with Chris Abrahams she has recorded (within my knowledge) an EP and 4 albums. Here you can get that EP called Resisting calm. The most recent album Blood oranges can be found on this terrific blog :

1. Siren
2. He's So Tired
3. Benchtop
4. Happy Birthday

If you are interested I can upload the other albums too. In the meanwhile, enjoy your summer holidays !

vrijdag 29 mei 2009

Tim Ashmore Smile

Sun is in the air and you need another smile ? here is Tim Ashmore smile ! Enjoy the Beach Boys.

dinsdag 21 april 2009

Costar - part 2

Here you get the second part. Enjoy !

1. She's An Angel (Will Akers vocal)
2. Victoria (Will Akers vocal)
3. Kiss Him He's History
4. I Want To Conquer You
5. Crucifixion Speech
6. Everything Is Fixed
7. Inside Of Your Heart
8. Trick Of The Light

A cleaned up version of kiss him can also be found at the main triffids website.

maandag 20 april 2009

Turning point

Courtesy of the ms forum, here you get a fake 2009 compilation called Turning Point.

Brian Wilson
"Turning Point"
2009 compilation
16 tracks

01 Concert Tonight (4:44 version)
02 Don't You Just Know It (with Jan Berry)
03 Let's Get Tonight (early version of "The Waltz")
04 Daddy's Little Girl (recycling "Sail Plane Song" bass line)
05 Goodnight Irene
06 Turning Point (early version of "You've Touched Me")
07 Save the Day (The Power of Love) (early version of "Fairy Tale")
08 In the Night Time (early version, no backing vocals)
09 Some Sweet Day
10 Christine (early version of "Barbie (Living Doll)")
11 Spirit of Rock and Roll (just BW, no band or Bob Dylan)
12 The Boogie's Back in Town
13 Sweets for My Sweet
14 Heavenly Bodies
15 This Could Be the Night
16 What a Wonderful World

woensdag 15 april 2009

Costar !

This is part 1 of a Costar concert from the Cherry Tree Hotel, Melbourne June 1998. This is the most recent recording I have of Dave.

1. I Kept My Eye On You
2. Too Hot To Move, Too Hot To Think
3. The Good Life Never Ends
4. Someone Watching Over Me (Will Akers vocal)
5. The Seabirds
6. In The Pines
7. Jerdacuttup Man
8. Devil Please (Will Akers vocal)
9. I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine

If there's enough interest, I will post part 2 as well.

zondag 29 maart 2009


Another rare Blackeyed susans track, from the Stoneage cameos compilation, a tribute to the Hoodoo Gurus masterpiece Stoneage Romeos.

woensdag 25 februari 2009

Glory Glory

While we are awaiting the retrospecive box, here you get Blackeyed Susans from Live at the Wireless : Glory Glory !

zondag 22 februari 2009

It's raining pleasure

So Saturday evening the European (in fact it was the world) premiere of It's raining pleasure was shown in Hasselt, Belgium. Director Steven Levett was there to introduce his € 15.000 film.

It was a real treat for us Triffids fans, those Sydney gigs were amazing. Let's hope Steven manages to have this issued in the near future so that we can all buy a copy.

One of the many highlights to me (though not to others, I heard afterwards) was Steve Kilbey's contribution (Lonely stretch, Wide open road). Here you get his version of Wide open road with his own band, The Church.

Another highlight was Rob Snarski and This one eats souls. Here you find the live version as made available on the website.

(link deleted by request)

woensdag 21 januari 2009

Triffids live in Frankfurt, 7 June 1989

One of the last Triffids things from my vaults. A concert of the last European tour in Frankfurt (Germany), not from the 6th of July as wrongly labeled, but from 7 June 1989.

A real treat as :
- it is an excellent show
- it is a complete show
- it contains some songs that they did not play very often like the Pet Shop Boys cover rent and the Gram Parsons cover Sin city.

1. Intro & Property is condemned
2. Trick of the light
3. Kelly's blues
4. Goodbye little boy
5. Too hot to move, too hot to think
6. Spinning top song
7. Rent
8. Falling over you
9. In the pines
10. One mechanic town
11. Wide open road
12. New Year's greetings (the country widower)
13. What goes on
14. Fairytale love
15. Unmade love
16. How could I help but love you
17. Billy
18. Jerdacuttup man
19. Sin City

Enjoy !

maandag 19 januari 2009

Blue ruin - Flame

Second album by Blue Ruin, I think this one is their best known. Again, great stuff.

And again, what a helluva woman, this time even more powerful, and she appears to be on the album cover ;-).

1. Bad Gin
2. Kill Some Time
3. Cure
4. Lord's Calling
5. Slow Train
6. What a Helluva Woman
7. Heart
8. Calling You Out
9. I'm Down
10. Jealousy
11. Cherry Tree

maandag 5 januari 2009

Blue ruin - such sweet thunder

Blue Ruin were an Australian band. The singer's voice always reminded me of David Mc Comb. The musical style can be described as a more jazzy Nick Cave & Bad Seeds.

Such sweet thunder is their first studio album. I ripped it from my vinyl.

I believe Triffheads will like this very much.

1. Hey Bo
2. What A Hell'uva Woman
3. She's Murder
4. Kill Jaw
5. Waterhole
6. In The Mood
7. Same Thing
8. Love Me When I'm Low
9. Waterhole (Reprise)