dinsdag 21 april 2009

Costar - part 2

Here you get the second part. Enjoy !

1. She's An Angel (Will Akers vocal)
2. Victoria (Will Akers vocal)
3. Kiss Him He's History
4. I Want To Conquer You
5. Crucifixion Speech
6. Everything Is Fixed
7. Inside Of Your Heart
8. Trick Of The Light

A cleaned up version of kiss him can also be found at the main triffids website.


maandag 20 april 2009

Turning point

Courtesy of the ms forum, here you get a fake 2009 compilation called Turning Point.

Brian Wilson
"Turning Point"
2009 compilation
16 tracks

01 Concert Tonight (4:44 version)
02 Don't You Just Know It (with Jan Berry)
03 Let's Get Tonight (early version of "The Waltz")
04 Daddy's Little Girl (recycling "Sail Plane Song" bass line)
05 Goodnight Irene
06 Turning Point (early version of "You've Touched Me")
07 Save the Day (The Power of Love) (early version of "Fairy Tale")
08 In the Night Time (early version, no backing vocals)
09 Some Sweet Day
10 Christine (early version of "Barbie (Living Doll)")
11 Spirit of Rock and Roll (just BW, no band or Bob Dylan)
12 The Boogie's Back in Town
13 Sweets for My Sweet
14 Heavenly Bodies
15 This Could Be the Night
16 What a Wonderful World


woensdag 15 april 2009

Costar !

This is part 1 of a Costar concert from the Cherry Tree Hotel, Melbourne June 1998. This is the most recent recording I have of Dave.

1. I Kept My Eye On You
2. Too Hot To Move, Too Hot To Think
3. The Good Life Never Ends
4. Someone Watching Over Me (Will Akers vocal)
5. The Seabirds
6. In The Pines
7. Jerdacuttup Man
8. Devil Please (Will Akers vocal)
9. I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine


If there's enough interest, I will post part 2 as well.