maandag 31 augustus 2009

Tall Tales & true - Superstition highway

5 track EP by Matthew de la Hunty's band.

Robert McComb plays guitar. Some sources on the internet even mention that Dave played guitar on the blistering title track. Does anyone know more ?

dinsdag 25 augustus 2009

Sparklers : Don't go changing / overworking

The last Sparklers one from my vaults, the brilliant Don't go changing. This ends my posts on the Melanie Oxley / Chris Abrahams combination.

Flipside is Overworking. I understand that one was issued earlier as a single as well but I don't have it.

maandag 24 augustus 2009

Wide open road - The Panics

The classic Triffids song as covered by The Panics, also from Perth. You can find this on the Like a version vol. 4 compilation.

vrijdag 21 augustus 2009

Sparklers : Persuasion

Well, this must be one of the most ugly LP covers - very eighties I suppose.

A1 Heart and Soul
A2 How Have You Managed
A3 Curiosity
A4 Persuasion
A5 Physical Game
A6 Sweet Love
B1 Truck
B2 I Want You to Know
B3 Money Honey
B4 White Pain
B5 Growing Tree
B6 Don't Go Changing

Though sound quality is good for my ears, please note that I blew up the track incrementing when transferring it from my vinyl. For instance, track B2 is split over files 8 and 9. So if you transfer this to a cd, I advise you to have no pauses inbetween tracks.

Apparently this has also been issued on cd with two non album bonus tracks (can be found on the singles I uploaded before and one final single from my collection is yet to come next week). If anyone has it, I would be very grateful if he or she could upload that one.

donderdag 20 augustus 2009

Sparklers : Heart and Soul/Middle of time

A third single by the Sparklers for you to listen to. Heart and soul also appears on the only album they made (Persuasion).

woensdag 19 augustus 2009

Too hot to move / On the street where U live

With temperatures over 30°C it's too hot to move too hot to think (in Belgium).

Sweet and Sour was an Australian television series which screened on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) in 1984. It was created by Tim Gooding and Johanna Pigott and was produced internally for the ABC by Jan Chapman.

The main storyline of the series followed the efforts of a fictional band, The Takeaways, to break into the Sydney music scene. Numerous Australian and New Zealand musicians and songwriters were involved in this TV series, i.a. David McComb !!!

What you get here are the The Takeaways versions of On the street where U live and Too hot to move, from the 1984 sweet and sour album.

Sparklers : Merry go round / When you're alone

Another single by the Sparklers.

dinsdag 18 augustus 2009

Sparklers - So often dreaming

As promised I dug into my vinyl for some Sparklers stuff, the Aussie band Melanie Oxley and Chris Abrahams played in. Here I have for you the single (from 1986) So often dreaming, penned by both, with its flipside Can't take anymore, penned by Melanie.

I hope you enjoy this one.

donderdag 13 augustus 2009

Smile !

Another nice Smile mix made from the originals

1. Prayer
2. Bicycle rider-Gee
3. Heroes and villains
4. Barnyard
5. Do you dig worms
6. You were my sunshine
7. Cabinessence
8. Wonderful
9. Look
10. Child is the father of the man
11. Vibrations
12. Vibrations
13. I'm in great shape
14. Holiday
15. Vege-tables
16. Earth
17. Wind chimes
18. Fire
19. Water - I love to say dada
20. Surf's up

woensdag 12 augustus 2009

Day of my ascension

Here you get an interview on Australian radio with Matthew de la Hunty, known of the band Tall tales & true (Rob McComb used to play in that band - I might upload some stuff of 'em in the future).

Included is a cover of Day of my ascension, originally on the David McComb album Love of Will.

Jason Penick Smile

While we are "into Jason Penick", I present to you his mix of the legendary lost Beach Boys album.

1. Prayer
2. Gee
3. Heroes & villains
4. Do you like worms
5. Barnyard
6. Old master painter sunshine
7. Cabin essence
8. Wonderful
9. Look
10. Child is father of the man
11. Surf's up
12. I'm in great shape
13. I wanna be around Friday night
14. Vega-tables
15. Holiday
16. Air
17. Wind chimes
18. Mrs. O Leary's cow
19. Fire
20. Water chant
21. Love to say dada
22. Prayer - reprise
23. Good vibrations

dinsdag 11 augustus 2009

Concert/Live in London

And yet another Jason Penick deluxe edition. This time two live albums by the Beach Boys with extra's. Enjoy !

maandag 10 augustus 2009

Another Beach Boys deluxe edition

Another one compiled by Jason Penick : shut down vol 2 / all summer long. Enjoy !

1-12. Shut Down vol. 2 - stereo from 2fer
13-24. All Summer Long - stereo from 2fer
25. The Lord's Prayer
26. I Do
27. What'd I Say (live 01.64)
28. I Can See Right Through You [Go Away Boy] - backing track
29. Ganz Allein
30. Don't Back Down - alt. take
31. Let's Live [Before We Die] - backing track
32. The Monkey's Uncle (feat. Annette)
33. Honda 55
34. Little Honda - alt. take

woensdag 5 augustus 2009

Surfin safari - surfin USA

Another Beach boys "deluxe edition" with bonus tracks as compiled by Jason Penick. Thanks go to him.

1-12. Surfin' Safari LP (mono from Capitol 2fer)
13-24. Surfin' U.S.A. LP (stereo from Capitol 2fer)
25. Surfin' - rehearsal 1961 (GV box set edit)
26. One Way Road to Love 1962 (Wilson/ Usher)#
27. Beginning of the End 1962 (Wilson/ Usher)
28. Visions 1962 (Wilson/ Usher)#
29. My Only Alibi aka Human 1962 (Wilson/ Usher)#
30. Their Hearts Were Full of Spring - demo 1962
31. Mr. Moto/ Interview (live 1962)
32. Surfin' Safari from "One Man's Challenge" (live 1962)
33. Land Ahoy 1962
34. Cindy, Oh Cindy 1962
35. Surfin' U.S.A. demo 1962
36. Punchline 1963
37. Little Surfer Girl demo 1963
38. [When Summer Comes] Gonna Hustle You demo 1963
39. [Thank Him for] Our Love demo 1963
40. The Baker Man 1963
41. Side Two 1963

dinsdag 4 augustus 2009

Beach boys deluxe edition

Deluxe edition of Surfer girl / Little deuce coupe as compiled by mr. Jason Penick from the rockin beach boys forum. Enjoy !

1-12 Surfer Girl LP (stereo version from 2fer)
13-24 Little Deuce Coupe LP (stereo version from 2fer)
25 In My Room - demo/ mono
26 Back Home - Brian's 1963 version/ mono
27 Pamela Jean (the Survivors)/ mono
28 After the Game (the Survivors)/ mono
29 Be True to Your School - 45 version/ mono
30 The Things We Did Last Summer/ mono
**Live at the Hollywood Bowl 11.01.63**
31 Intro (live)
32 Little Deuce Coupe (live)
33 In My Room (live)
34 Be True to Your School (live)
35 Surfer Girl (live)
36 Outro (live)

maandag 3 augustus 2009

Coal - Melanie Oxley & Chris Abrahams

This is within my knowledge the only other available album by the duo. I also have some Sparklers stuff, the band they played in, on vinyl. I will see if I can find time to rîp that stuff.

1 Light The Candle
2 Baby Baby
3 Belief
4 More Famous
5 Follow Me Down
6 I Know
7 Never Expected
8 Hole In My Head
9 Next World
10 Falling Star
11 Round
12 Let's Get Down
13 Follow My Heart