woensdag 21 januari 2009

Triffids live in Frankfurt, 7 June 1989

One of the last Triffids things from my vaults. A concert of the last European tour in Frankfurt (Germany), not from the 6th of July as wrongly labeled, but from 7 June 1989.

A real treat as :
- it is an excellent show
- it is a complete show
- it contains some songs that they did not play very often like the Pet Shop Boys cover rent and the Gram Parsons cover Sin city.

1. Intro & Property is condemned
2. Trick of the light
3. Kelly's blues
4. Goodbye little boy
5. Too hot to move, too hot to think
6. Spinning top song
7. Rent
8. Falling over you
9. In the pines
10. One mechanic town
11. Wide open road
12. New Year's greetings (the country widower)
13. What goes on
14. Fairytale love
15. Unmade love
16. How could I help but love you
17. Billy
18. Jerdacuttup man
19. Sin City

Enjoy !


maandag 19 januari 2009

Blue ruin - Flame

Second album by Blue Ruin, I think this one is their best known. Again, great stuff.

And again, what a helluva woman, this time even more powerful, and she appears to be on the album cover ;-).

1. Bad Gin
2. Kill Some Time
3. Cure
4. Lord's Calling
5. Slow Train
6. What a Helluva Woman
7. Heart
8. Calling You Out
9. I'm Down
10. Jealousy
11. Cherry Tree


maandag 5 januari 2009

Blue ruin - such sweet thunder

Blue Ruin were an Australian band. The singer's voice always reminded me of David Mc Comb. The musical style can be described as a more jazzy Nick Cave & Bad Seeds.

Such sweet thunder is their first studio album. I ripped it from my vinyl.

I believe Triffheads will like this very much.

1. Hey Bo
2. What A Hell'uva Woman
3. She's Murder
4. Kill Jaw
5. Waterhole
6. In The Mood
7. Same Thing
8. Love Me When I'm Low
9. Waterhole (Reprise)