woensdag 21 januari 2009

Triffids live in Frankfurt, 7 June 1989

One of the last Triffids things from my vaults. A concert of the last European tour in Frankfurt (Germany), not from the 6th of July as wrongly labeled, but from 7 June 1989.

A real treat as :
- it is an excellent show
- it is a complete show
- it contains some songs that they did not play very often like the Pet Shop Boys cover rent and the Gram Parsons cover Sin city.

1. Intro & Property is condemned
2. Trick of the light
3. Kelly's blues
4. Goodbye little boy
5. Too hot to move, too hot to think
6. Spinning top song
7. Rent
8. Falling over you
9. In the pines
10. One mechanic town
11. Wide open road
12. New Year's greetings (the country widower)
13. What goes on
14. Fairytale love
15. Unmade love
16. How could I help but love you
17. Billy
18. Jerdacuttup man
19. Sin City

Enjoy !


11 opmerkingen:

Bobby zei

Wow, you've saves the best 'til last. Downloading now.

Just can't wait to hear this one; a brilliant selection of songs.

Bobby, Melbourne.

staggerlee zei

hi there, i´m staggerlee from spain, please would you be so kind and re-up Chad´s tree ´s Buckle in the Rain??
I don´t find it nowhere and yours is invalid.
Thanks a lot mate.

By the way, would you have some show in which Dave McComb would have played the song ``Devil please?

triff zei

okay Staggerlee, I will repost buckle in the rail as soon as I have the time. As a matter of fact, I now have it on vinyl myself so I will rip that one.

Concerning Devil please, I do have a copy of a concert of Costar in Melbourne with Devil please sung by Will Akers.

triff zei

Staggerlle, I understand there will be an official reissue soon (http://www.myspace.com/memorandumrecordings) so I suggest to wait for that one.

Anoniem zei

hola amigos, por razones ajenas .El Camaleon cambia la url.

anotar la nueva url por favor .


si te interesa, podemos intercambiar enlaces

un abrazo a todos

hello friends, for reasons beyond .El Camaleon change the url.

note the new url please.


if you're interested, we can trade urls

a hug to all

Ric Morgan zei

Hey thanks for all the noise!

The second part of the Frankfurt gig seems broken (can load it but the file is corupt.

If its fixable you will make me happy!

Ric, Melbourne

triff zei

Hey Ric,

I just dl'd it myself and had no problems using winrar.

Did you put both files in one directory ? If you opens the first part, the second should open automatically.

Anoniem zei

Thanks - You are right of course it works the way it should. I must have had a brain fade!

Thanks again for these tracks.


Anoniem zei

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Anoniem zei

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Blog Queen zei

Too bad I didn't find this blog before the file became unavailable. This is one of the big tragedies in my life: the venue was literally ten minutes from my house at the time, and I totally FAILED to even notice that the Triffids were coming... oh God, I am so depressed right now.