donderdag 30 augustus 2007

Triffids live München 11 June 1987

This is from a broadcast on German radio.

1. Wide open road
2. Property is condemned
3. Personal things
4. In the pines
5. Hometown farewell kiss
6. Lonely stretch
7. raining pleasure
8. red pony
9. jerdacuttup man
10. field of glass
11. How could I help but love you
12. Stolen property
13. Once a day
14. radio announcer

maandag 27 augustus 2007

David McComb & Adam Peters

Here I present the "I don't need you EP" ripped from vinyl with the following tracks :
1. I Don't Need You
2. Willie The Torch
3. Liberty and a thousand faces
4. I Don't Need You (Baker's Mix)
I heard an interview with Dave in which he claims Willie the torch should have been the A-side, and indeed that one is a killer track. I think I don't need you is rather mediocre (for Dave's standards).
As a bonus I included in the rar-file the David McComb/Adam Peters track on the Leonard Cohen tribute "I'm your fan" : Don't go home with your hard-on.
The sixth song is a cover by Dave of the Johnny Cash classic Country boy, taken from the "'til things are brighter" compilation.
I think you have now got all Dave tracks that appear (only) on compilations, except for "Still alive and well" which can be found on the "Where joy kills sorrow" compilation. You can still buy that compilation here : Just do that, and you will make mr. Graham Lee a happy man.

vrijdag 24 augustus 2007

searching for Triffids rarities

With the 6 early tapes and the dungeon and jack brabham tapes posted here and elsewhere, most Triffids rarities have been posted.
What rarities are you still looking for ? Let me know via the comment section and maybe I or a reader of this blog can help you out.
I will start myself : can anybody provide the third peel session ?

donderdag 23 augustus 2007

Beach Boys - Landlocked

Here you find the vinyl version of Landlocked, the legendary unreleased BB album with some true gems. I like this one very much.

Tracks are :
1. Loop De Loop (Flip Flop Flyin' In An Aeroplane)
2. Susie Cincinnati
3. San Miguel
4. H.E.L.P. Is On The Way
5. Take A Load Off Your Feet
6. Carnival (aka Over The Waves)
7. I Just Got My Pay
8. Sound Of Free
9. Child Of Winter
10. It's About Time
11. Tears In The Morning
12. Good Time
13. Big Sur
14. Fallin' In Love (aka Lady)
15. When Girls Get Together
16. Lookin' At Tomorrow (A Welfare Song)
17. 'Til I Die

Triffids - tape 4

Okay, Here you get tape 4. This makes your collection complete. A link to tapes 1, 2 and 3 can be found in the comments section to tape 5. Enjoy.

maandag 20 augustus 2007

let's smile again

If you still want some, here's a smile compilation.

1 Our Prayer
2Heroes And VillainsPt1
3Heroes And VillainsPt2
4I'm In Great Shape
5Bicycle Rider
7Barnyard Vocal
8He Gives Speeches
9Do You Like Worms
10The Old Master Painter
13Child Is The Father Of The Man
15With Me Tonight
16Good Vibrations
19Wind Chimes
20Mrs OLearys Cow
21I Wanna Be Around Friday Night
22Water Chant
23I Love To Say Da Da
24Surf's Up Part1
25Surf's Up Part2
26You're Welcome
27George Fell Into His French Horn
28Good Vibrations (Tony Asher Lyrics)
29SMiLE Promo Ad
30Brian Wilson Smog Monologue

Triffids - tape 5

Here is tape 5 by the Triffids. Tracklist again above. Enjoy.
P.S. If anyone could help me out with tapes 1, 2 and 3, I'd be a very happy man.
edit : look in the comments section for tapes 1, 2 and 3. And many thanks to baskingshark.
I will post tape 4 on Thursday.

maandag 13 augustus 2007

yet another smile mix

There can't be enough smile mixes in my opinion. This one is called the american expansion.
I will be out until after the week-end, so no more posts until then.

Triffids live in 2006 !

The original band members, of course without David McComb, came to the low lands for three concerts in June 2006. They played two concerts in Hasselt, Belgium (which I attended) and one in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
The main guest singer was Mark Snarski, known from The Jackson code. Belgian Harald Vanherf, maybe known to some of you from The Hoodoo Club or Wicona Airbag, sang Lonely Stretch.

I have audio of these concerts but the sound quality of the Amsterdam concert is by far superior to the Hasselt ones. So here you find the Amsterdam concert of 26 June 2006. The Triffids played the following songs :

1. Too hot to move (vocal Graham Lee)
2. Trick of the light (vocal Graham Lee)
3. Place in the sun (vocal Alsy MacDonald)
4. Goodbye little boy (vocal Jill Birt)
5. Raining pleasure (vocal Jill Birt)
6. Jerdacuttup man (vocal Graham Lee)
7. Property is condemned (vocal Harald Vanherf)
8. Good fortune rose (vocal Jill Birt)
9. Go home Eddie (vocal Graham Lee)
10. Personal things (vocal Mark Snarski)
11. Life of crime (vocal Mark Snarski)
12. Lonely stretch (vocal Mark Snarski)
13. Stolen property (vocal Mark Snarski)
14. Tender is the night-the long fidelity (vocal Jill Birt)
15. Field of glass (vocal Mark Snarski)
16. Bury me deep in love (vocal Mark Snarski)
17. Once a day (vocal Graham Lee)
18. Stand up (vocal Graham Lee)

Triffids - tape 6

In the early days, the Triffids released several tapes. Here you find tape 6. You can find the tracklist above. Enjoy !

Brian Wilson Landylocked

Another unreleased album.

Tracks are as follows.

1. Proud Mary
2. I'm Getting In Over My Head
3. You're Still A Mystery
4. Chain Reaction of Love
5. Soul Searchin'
6. It's Not Easy Being Me
7. Desert Drive
8. Saturday Morning In The City
9. This Song Wants To Sleep With You Tonight
10. Market Place
11. I'm Broke
12. Must Be A Miracle
13. In My Moondreams
14. My Mary Anne
15. Slightly American Music
Bonus Cuts
16. Saturday Morning In The City (l988 Demo)
17. Soulful Old Man Sunshine
18. Out In The Country
19. Back Home Track One
20. Back Home Track Two

donderdag 9 augustus 2007

David McComb in Four Hours Sleep

In 1996, Dave participated in the Four Hours Sleep project which resulted in a CD called More of her. Apparently, only 600 copies were pressed on CD.

Here I present you the two songs in which Dave appears : This song can save you and When I first met you.

woensdag 8 augustus 2007

another smile mix

Smile - the spiritual revolution.

Presented as one track. Hope you like it.

Feel free to post any other mixes you guys and girls might have (e.g. via the comment section). If you didn't know, Linear Zap has a flac version of purple chick smile mix (very recommended) on his site and Warnakey also has various "smiles" posted on his site.

David McComb in Costar

The last band Dave was involved in, is Costar. They never released any songs officially.

In the following link you will find six songs that were recorded in the studio (there were plans of releasing a single or an EP) and the sound quality is excellent. Tracks are :

1. I kept my eye on you
2. Murder in the dark
3. Lucky for some
4. Everything is fixed
5. Devil please
6. The good life never ends

Triffids tapes

Go to the above site for copies of the dungeon tapes (i.e. dungeon tape and son of dungeon tape) and of jack brabham tape.

dinsdag 7 augustus 2007

David McComb in Blackeyed Susans

David McComb has, outside of the Triffids, been active in many ways : solo (with the red ponies), with Adam Peters, in Four Hours Sleep, in Costar, in Blackeyed Susans.
With the latter he sung lead vocals on 4 songs, 3 of which appeared on their first EP "Some births are worse than murders" : Don't call yourself an angel, Enemy mine and Cripple Creek. These tracks can also be found on the CD Welcome Stranger, which combines the first 3 EP's and some extra tracks, including a version of In the pines with Dave on backing vocals.
On their first true album, All souls alive, he sang the Leonard Cohen/Phil Spector cover Memories.

Both Welcome Stranger and All souls alive are very good CD's in a whole, as are all the other Blackeyed Susans albums. You can still find them for sale if you search well on the internet.

Here you find the four Dave sung Blackeyed Susans tracks. Enjoy.

maandag 6 augustus 2007

Magical vegetable mix

I found this Smile mix a while back on the internet.

Enjoy, and don't be afraid to leave comments.

Triffids live from various locations

... and in variable sound quality.

Songs are : Raining pleasure, field of glass, stolen property, plaything, 25 to 5, better off this way, suntrapper, setting you free (david mccomb and the red ponies), raining pleasure (david mccomb and the red ponies.

I haven't heard some of these songs too often live.

vrijdag 3 augustus 2007

a mash up

Which one is the best : pepper or pet ? If you cannot choose, you could go for this one !?
This one will be up here for 7 days only. (deleted)

Brian Wilson - Sweet insanity

Here you find the second version of the rejected second Warner Brothers album :

1. Concert Tonight-Something To Love
2. Water Builds Up
3. Don't Let Her Know
4. I Do
5. Thank You
6. Hotter
7. Spirit Of Rock 'n Roll
8. Rainbow Eyes
9. Love Ya
10. Make A Wish
11. Smart Girls
12. Country Feelin'
Rare B-sides
13. Daddy's Little Girl
14. He Couldn't Get His Poor Body To Move
15. Being With The One You Love
16. In My Car

donderdag 2 augustus 2007

Triffids live in Oslo (1985)

Hey Triffids fans,

here you find three live tracks from the first European tour : Lonely stretch, Jesus calling and Beautiful waste.

woensdag 1 augustus 2007

Triffids Werchter 5 July 1987

Twenty years ago, The Triffids played at the Torhout-Werchter festival in Belgium. I was there !
The last part of the concert was broadcasted on the radio and you can find that one here. Songs are : Stolen property (from Born Sandy Devotional), Ring of fire (Johnny Cash cover, never officially released by the Triffids), How could I help but love you (Aaron Neville cover, also to be found on the Stockholm live cd), Once a day (cover sung by "Evil" Graham Lee from In the pines) and Raining pleasure (from Raining pleasure).

There should be some live performances issued by Domino in the near future. I'm really looking forward to that.

More Christmas sessions


Next you will find the other two Sea of tunes Christmas sessions disks. Enjoy disks 2 and 3!

Meanwhile, let's mention that Linear Zap is posting the other unsurpassed masters on his great blog. Go there !

The Colourfield - sorry + cruel circus

A forgotten classic is Virgins and Philistines by the Colourfield and very expensive if you want a copy on CD. This is one of my favorite records. Below you can find two tracks from the album. This should be re-released !

Pleasure slide

This is from Jack Brabham tape. Pleasure slide is part of what would become Field of Glass, the epic track that can be found on the first Peel sessions EP by the Triffids. Hopefully, FOG is re-issued soon.
Everyone should take a look at for more info on the triffids and the re-issue programme, and for a busload of free mp3's of rare tracks.

Christmas sessions


Here you find the first disk of SOT Christmas sessions. Beach Boys, of course.


Here is one of the songs on the dungeon tapes (by the triffids, of course). Enjoy MGM !

First post


On this blog I will post some stuff of my favorite bands, especially the Triffids and the Beach Boys, but also some other music.