dinsdag 7 augustus 2007

David McComb in Blackeyed Susans

David McComb has, outside of the Triffids, been active in many ways : solo (with the red ponies), with Adam Peters, in Four Hours Sleep, in Costar, in Blackeyed Susans.
With the latter he sung lead vocals on 4 songs, 3 of which appeared on their first EP "Some births are worse than murders" : Don't call yourself an angel, Enemy mine and Cripple Creek. These tracks can also be found on the CD Welcome Stranger, which combines the first 3 EP's and some extra tracks, including a version of In the pines with Dave on backing vocals.
On their first true album, All souls alive, he sang the Leonard Cohen/Phil Spector cover Memories.

Both Welcome Stranger and All souls alive are very good CD's in a whole, as are all the other Blackeyed Susans albums. You can still find them for sale if you search well on the internet.

Here you find the four Dave sung Blackeyed Susans tracks. Enjoy.


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andrew.greenwood zei

I emailed Rob of the Susans and he sent the following about Hello Stranger

Hi Andrew,
Our beloved record company lost the artwork and so unfortunately it's been deleted... brilliant. The only copies out there are on Ebay and in second hand shops. Sad but true. There is a chance it will be re-released at some point we're just not sure when.