maandag 13 augustus 2007

Triffids live in 2006 !

The original band members, of course without David McComb, came to the low lands for three concerts in June 2006. They played two concerts in Hasselt, Belgium (which I attended) and one in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
The main guest singer was Mark Snarski, known from The Jackson code. Belgian Harald Vanherf, maybe known to some of you from The Hoodoo Club or Wicona Airbag, sang Lonely Stretch.

I have audio of these concerts but the sound quality of the Amsterdam concert is by far superior to the Hasselt ones. So here you find the Amsterdam concert of 26 June 2006. The Triffids played the following songs :

1. Too hot to move (vocal Graham Lee)
2. Trick of the light (vocal Graham Lee)
3. Place in the sun (vocal Alsy MacDonald)
4. Goodbye little boy (vocal Jill Birt)
5. Raining pleasure (vocal Jill Birt)
6. Jerdacuttup man (vocal Graham Lee)
7. Property is condemned (vocal Harald Vanherf)
8. Good fortune rose (vocal Jill Birt)
9. Go home Eddie (vocal Graham Lee)
10. Personal things (vocal Mark Snarski)
11. Life of crime (vocal Mark Snarski)
12. Lonely stretch (vocal Mark Snarski)
13. Stolen property (vocal Mark Snarski)
14. Tender is the night-the long fidelity (vocal Jill Birt)
15. Field of glass (vocal Mark Snarski)
16. Bury me deep in love (vocal Mark Snarski)
17. Once a day (vocal Graham Lee)
18. Stand up (vocal Graham Lee)

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