woensdag 8 augustus 2007

David McComb in Costar

The last band Dave was involved in, is Costar. They never released any songs officially.

In the following link you will find six songs that were recorded in the studio (there were plans of releasing a single or an EP) and the sound quality is excellent. Tracks are :

1. I kept my eye on you
2. Murder in the dark
3. Lucky for some
4. Everything is fixed
5. Devil please
6. The good life never ends


3 opmerkingen:

bubba zei

These tracks are stunning .... as good as the solo-LP.
Especially "The Good Life Never Ends", amazing.

Anoniem zei

Hi everyone, thanx a lot for this article ..... This was what I was looking for.

Icthus Saltsa zei

Triff - any chance of getting hold of this? The Rapidshare link is dead. I can send you a URL to upload to if you email me. Thanks!