maandag 20 augustus 2007

Triffids - tape 5

Here is tape 5 by the Triffids. Tracklist again above. Enjoy.
P.S. If anyone could help me out with tapes 1, 2 and 3, I'd be a very happy man.
edit : look in the comments section for tapes 1, 2 and 3. And many thanks to baskingshark.
I will post tape 4 on Thursday.

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Overhere zei

Simply brilliant!!! Thanx

Baskingshark zei

Here are links to Tapes 2 & 3:

Tape 1 to follow when I get time.


triff zei

Baskingshark, you make my day !

Baskingshark zei

No problem, Triff.
Here's the link to Tape 1:


MAB zei

hey triff and baskingshark

if i could be allowed to use the aussie vernacular ...

"strewth, that's fuckin' bonza mate! youse guys rock!"

i can't wait to hear these early recordings



Anoniem zei

Thank you so much! Is it possible to ask for tape 4 as well?

Anoniem zei

thank you

Anoniem zei

Tape 3 link is dead - can someone please re-up it?