maandag 20 augustus 2007

let's smile again

If you still want some, here's a smile compilation.

1 Our Prayer
2Heroes And VillainsPt1
3Heroes And VillainsPt2
4I'm In Great Shape
5Bicycle Rider
7Barnyard Vocal
8He Gives Speeches
9Do You Like Worms
10The Old Master Painter
13Child Is The Father Of The Man
15With Me Tonight
16Good Vibrations
19Wind Chimes
20Mrs OLearys Cow
21I Wanna Be Around Friday Night
22Water Chant
23I Love To Say Da Da
24Surf's Up Part1
25Surf's Up Part2
26You're Welcome
27George Fell Into His French Horn
28Good Vibrations (Tony Asher Lyrics)
29SMiLE Promo Ad
30Brian Wilson Smog Monologue

4 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Thanks for putting this up...but it didn't work for me. Could you double check it's OK, please?

triff zei

Richard, What is the problem exactly ?

Anoniem zei

Oh my god! This is the Smile comp I put up on the Grotto ( a couple years ago (I'm user "ascrodin"). I just happened to stumble upon this blog and I thought, this tracklisting looks familiar. All it is is mp3's from Ryan Guidry's SMiLE with mp3's from Project SMiLE placed in an order that I liked at the time. I never thought it would've been spread around the net, especially with all the other, and IMHO better, SMiLE comps and mixes out there.

Keep on SMiLeing,

triff zei

Hi, Alex, thanks for your comment.

btw, I also have an "ascrodin" mix of smile. I suppose you did that mix.