maandag 5 januari 2009

Blue ruin - such sweet thunder

Blue Ruin were an Australian band. The singer's voice always reminded me of David Mc Comb. The musical style can be described as a more jazzy Nick Cave & Bad Seeds.

Such sweet thunder is their first studio album. I ripped it from my vinyl.

I believe Triffheads will like this very much.

1. Hey Bo
2. What A Hell'uva Woman
3. She's Murder
4. Kill Jaw
5. Waterhole
6. In The Mood
7. Same Thing
8. Love Me When I'm Low
9. Waterhole (Reprise)

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Bobby zei

Love the sound of this one - thanks so much.

Downloading now!

All the best for a triffic 2009.

Bobby, Melbourne.

Bobby zei

On a slightly related note:

This is a link to Volume One of the Sweet & Sour Soundtrack (quite popular mid 1980s ABC Australian TV series). It features the Triffids' Too Hot To Move, Too Hot To Think.

Dave sold the rights to the song to the show so they could use it and later bought them back for a sizable sum (20/30 thousand from memory?) so that the Triffids could release it on Black Swan.

The show featured a fictitious band called The Takeaways and this album is a collection of their supposed songs. Performers and songwriters included Deborah Conway and The Riptides' Mark Callahan (spelling) among many others. Worth a listen for curiosity's sake :)