vrijdag 21 augustus 2009

Sparklers : Persuasion

Well, this must be one of the most ugly LP covers - very eighties I suppose.

A1 Heart and Soul
A2 How Have You Managed
A3 Curiosity
A4 Persuasion
A5 Physical Game
A6 Sweet Love
B1 Truck
B2 I Want You to Know
B3 Money Honey
B4 White Pain
B5 Growing Tree
B6 Don't Go Changing


Though sound quality is good for my ears, please note that I blew up the track incrementing when transferring it from my vinyl. For instance, track B2 is split over files 8 and 9. So if you transfer this to a cd, I advise you to have no pauses inbetween tracks.

Apparently this has also been issued on cd with two non album bonus tracks (can be found on the singles I uploaded before and one final single from my collection is yet to come next week). If anyone has it, I would be very grateful if he or she could upload that one.

2 opmerkingen:

Roger zei

Hi - I have this on CD - took ages to track down. I'll let you know when I've uploaded it.

triff zei

Hi Roger

i have the CD myself as well now.

Thanks anyway.