vrijdag 22 februari 2008

triffids - next re-issues

Domino has announced 7 April as the release date for the next re-issues. I laid my hands on the 3 (promo) cd's.

"Beautiful waste and other songs" consists of :
- Raining pleasure mini album
- Lawson Square Infirmary mini album
- Field of glass EP
- Wide open road 12 " exclusive B-sides
- Beautiful waste

"Treeless plain" has the original album plus an interview and live takes from JJJ.

"The black swan" is a double CD and the real treat to me. The first consists of the original album with the B-sides to Goodbye little boy and Falling over you mixed in between, plus the surprise "Jack's hole", sung by Jill and unknown to me, as well as a studio version of How could I help but love you. The second CD has demo versions of most Black Swan tracks, plus some demos of songs that are unknown to me.

In the rar file you will find a live version of Hell of a summer and Jack's hole, encoded at only 128 as you should all buy these albums.


2 opmerkingen:

Robert zei

This is very, very exciting news!

landyjon zei

Bought the albums and damn fine they are, too.