woensdag 13 februari 2008

Jackson Code - The second greatest story ever told

This is a 2cd compilation. First CD consists of tracks from the four studio albums (you can find these in earlier posts), the second disk is full of rarities.

(1) She's got you
(2) The polka dot song
(3) What's that burning?
(4) I'll let you down
(5) Just how dark are your nights?
(6) Jessica's tree
(7) Yesterday's coffee
(8) Who cares anyway?
(9) You are my skin
(10) Slow cookin'
(11) Nail it (you better get your voodoo right)
(12) Crawfish
(13) Helpless
(14) Blue valentines
(15) Silks and roses
(16) Flaming star


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