dinsdag 19 februari 2008

Chad's tree - Kerosene

This is the second and final album by Chad's tree. Ripped from my vinyl version that I recently obtained. Enjoy !

1. Take Away Their Blue
2. Crossing Of The Miles
3. Of The Clay
4. North To South
5. The Flood Johanna
6. [Untitled]
7. There's A Turn
8. Rosebed Baby
9. Mercy How The Paths Getting Darker
10. Pale Messenger
11. Come Thursday Midnight


5 opmerkingen:

Tom zei

Thanks so much for putting up all the Jackson Code and Chads Tree stuff. Has only made me more obsessed with finding the original CDs.

Anoniem zei

You are a legend, Thanks, Catherine

Adam zei

Hey I am a massive fan too and have been talking with Mark for many years about re-issuing Kerosene officially - seems that 2008 should see it happening. He and Rob have given permission for me to do Kerosene, Buckle IN the Rail plus the 7"s and b-sides with some extra tracks they have.... Aiming for a November release.Very exciting. The Triffids sow at the metro in january was amazing by the way....

triff zei

Hey, Adam, that's exciting news. Please keep in touch with any news on the re-issue !

Chads zei

Hi - the reissue that Adam spoke of in 2008 is finally happenig - see http://www.myspace.com/chadstree for full details.

also it seems your upload is slightly faster than the original record, leading to a semi-chipmonk quality.

Love & bless you for your support & enjoy the new CD

Chad's Tree