vrijdag 1 februari 2008

Triffids in Sydney - third part

Here you find the third part of tracks Steve recorded of the Friday show. I just copy/paste his comments on the Triffids forum.

"Here's the rest of the tracks I recorded of the Friday show. Sorry for sound quality on many of them. They are bundled up in a RAR file. Tracks are In The Pines (Rob Snarski)/Hell Of A Summer (Rob Snarski)/Life Of Crime (Mark Snarski)/Wide Open Road (Steve Kilbey)/Trick Of The Light (Toby Martin)/Spanish Blue (Toby Martin)/Tender Is The Night (Jill Birt)/Property Is Condemned (Steve Kilbey)/Fairytale Love (Graham Lee).


Trivia - the woman laughing during Handsome Steve's intros is Judith Lucy."

4 opmerkingen:

annie zei

hi. i was at the saturday triffids show in sydney. do you have an mp3 of toby martin doing 'save what you can'? that was so good live.

triff zei

Annie, I only have what I got from Weasel. I don't know if he recorded save what you can.

theDeadbeats zei

Hi, I tried to access the file in Mediafire but the site says it is no longer there. Could You repost??

Anoniem zei

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