vrijdag 4 januari 2008

Triffids 3PBS Live concert 1984

This is a stunning live performance by the Triffids, with quite some rare tracks. What a way to start the year !

Tracks are :
1. This boy
2. Everybody has to eat
3. Embedded
4. Personal things
5. Mercy
6. Pleasure slide
7. Monkey on my back
8. Field of glass
9. Native bride
10. Dear miss lonely hearts
11. Jesus calling
12. Satisfied mind
13. Jack Frost
14. Ain't no sunshine
15. Property is condemned


5 opmerkingen:

bubba zei

This is a great recording, I got it from DimeADozen in 2007, originally from a boot called "Caught in the act". Thanks for all your Triffids-related MP3s that you've shared on this blog!

Anoniem zei

Fantastic. What a wonderful recording from such a great period for the band.

Much appreciated :)

mania zei

This is fantastic. I've been playing it all week. The quality and the song choice is top notch. When are they going to reissue Lawson Square Infirmary??

triff zei

I heard LSI will be reissued together with Raining pleasure and Field of glass.

Anoniem zei

Thanks so much for this!
It's wonderful -))Thanks.
They never played such a diverse set when I saw them
Too busy concentrating on the singles.
Ghost On The Highway
Melbourne, Audtralia