donderdag 24 januari 2008

The Jackson Code

The Sydney gigs made me listen to some of my Jackson Code cd's, Mark Snarski's former band.

Here you will find "Del Musical Del mismo nombre" their debut album. If there's enough interest, I can post some more Jackson Code. And if anybody could upload some Chad's tree stuff (Rob en Mark Snarski's earlier band), I'd be very pleased 'cos I haven't got anything by them.

1. Joe's Flame (Mark Snarski) (3:40 m:s)
2. It's Been Too Long (Mark Snarski) (4:13 m:s)
3. Kerosene (Mark Snarski) (3:11 m:s)
4. Bringer Of Light (Mark Snarski) (4:04 m:s)
5. Hotel Stationery (Mark Snarski) (2:39 m:s)
6. Time To Heal (Mark Snarski) (1:36 m:s)
7. Strange Lullaby (Mark Snarski) (3:30 m:s)
8. Hold On Tight (Mark Snarski) (4:34 m:s)
9. Setting Johnny Free (Mark Snarski) (4:18 m:s)
10. Blame The Weather (Mark Snarski) (4:07 m:s)
11. Don't Let The Flame Race Near The Water (Mark Snarski) (4:27 m:s)
12. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (H Martin/R Blane) (1:21 m:s)

Mark Snarski - Vocals, Guitars, Piano
Kenny Davis Jnr - Piano Accordion, Organ, Keyboards & B. Vocals
Jason Kain - Acoustic & Electric Guitar
Kathy Wemyss - Vocals, Trumpet, Piano
Barry Turnbull - Bass
Mark Dawson - Drums & Percussion
Amanda Pearson - Vocals on track 12
Glad Reed - Trombone
Bevan Reed - Baritone Saxophone
Richard Armstrong - harmonica

Technical Details:
Produced by The Jackson Code
Recorded at United Sydney Sound Recording Studio

3 opmerkingen:

Tom zei

Thanks so much for Jackson Code. Have been searching ebay and digital universe for their stuff, in vain. Can I support your appeal for Chad's Tree material as well? Thanks again.

Overhere zei

Thanks for this - I didn't think I would ever hear it again and now I can

Anoniem zei

I think I have Buckle In The Rail on MP3. Will get back to ypu.