woensdag 30 januari 2008

Jackson Code - Strange Cargo

1. Paris Bay
2. Sophie's Torch Song
3. Angel Of Uncertain Times
4. What's That Burning?
5. Trap The Light
6. Doesn't She Look Beautiful Tonight?
7. Pull The Heart Out Of The Night
8. 'Til The Last Diamond Falls
9. Lucifer's Polka
10. Butchersville
11. Strange Cargo

Mark Snarski - Vocals and Guitars
Kenny Davis Jnr - Piano Accordion, Organ & Keyboards
Jason Kain - Slide, Acoustic & Electric Guitar
Kathy Wemyss - Vocals & Trumpet
Barry Turnbull - Bass
Mark Dawson - Drums & Percussion
Amanda Pearson - Vocals on track 1
Glad Reed - Trombone
Nick Elliot - Tenor Sax
Mark Townsend - Tuba
Sarah Peet - Cello
Rudi Crivici - Viola
Romano Crivici - Viola

Produced by The Jackson Code
Engineered by Guy Dickerson
Recorded at Megaphon Studios Sydney
Mixed by Tom Colley at The Vault


3 opmerkingen:

Overhere zei

Thank you, thank you, thank you - this is a truly great blog

Bobbie zei

Brilliant post lately!! :)

The Dave stuff, bbsusans, jackson code, amazing.

Can't get enough, thanks so much.

Anoniem zei

hear hear - love the posts of late
Its great to listen to some JC stuff after so long