woensdag 23 januari 2008

Sydney last Friday part 2

Weasel posted some other stuff on the Triffids forum and you can digest the following live tracks here now :

Place in the sun (vocal Alsy) - Stolen property (vocal Steve Kilbey) - intro + Too hot to move (vocal Graham) - Raining pleasure (vocal Jill) - Red pony (vocal Rob Snarski) - Leaning/The good life never ends (blackeyed susans).

Thanks again to Weasel


This is the full setlist of Friday, according to the info on the triffids forum (i was not there, unfortunately)

No Desire – Youth Group
Tuscan street retirement village – Youth Group
Intro – Sir Steve Miller
Too Hot to Move, Too Hot to Think - GL
Place in the Sun - AM
Tarrilup Bridge - JB
In the Pines - RS
Hell of a Summer - RS
The Seabirds - MH
Setting You Free - MH
Bury Me Deep in Love - MS
Suntrapper - MS
Life of Crime - MS
John McComb - on David
This One Eats Souls - RS
A Curse on You - RS
Leaning - RS
The Good Life never ends - RS
Red Pony - RS
Embedded – MO & CA
I Want to Conquer You - MO
Raining Pleasure - JB
Stolen Property - SK
Lonely Stretch - SK
Wide Open Road - SK
Trick of the Light - TM
Personal Things - TM
Spanish Blue - TM
Goodbye Little Boy - JB
Jerdacuttup Man - GL
Save What You Can - TM
Tender is the Night - JB
Property is Condemned – SK
Fairytale Love - GL

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Ital Doctor zei

On the Sunday Night the second number done by Youth Group was "Tuscan Street Retirement Village"