maandag 14 januari 2008

Mark Eric

This is a Midsummer's day dream, Marc Eric Malmborg's "lost" album from the late sixties, heavily inspired by the Beach Boys and Jan and Dean.
This one has been re-issued on cd with 8 bonus tracks. Here you find the original album tracks only.
1. California Home
2. Move With the Dawn
3. Laura's Changing
4. Where Do the Girls of Summer Go?
5. I'd Like to Talk to You
6. Take Me With You
7. Night of the Lions
8. Don't Cry Over Me
9. We Live So Fast
10. Sad Is the Way That I Feel
11. Just Passing By
12. Lynn's Baby

2 opmerkingen:

salvapop zei

wonderful record

zappahead zei

Nice bit of sunshine pop here...thanks for the share.