vrijdag 23 november 2007

Spin the bottle karaoke !

The first pressing of Blackeyed Susans' Spin the bottle album, released in 1997, contained an extra disk with a karaoke version. You can grab the karaoke disk here. Tracks are :

Spin The Wheel (Kakulas)
I Am A Singer (Kakulas)
Everything I Touch (Kakulas/Box)
Smokin’ Johnny Cash (Kakulas/Snarski/Dawson)
Bottle Of Red (Kakulas)
Blue Skies, Blue Sea (Kakulas/Snarski)
Untitled (Kakulas)
You’re My Thrill (Gorney/Clare)
Sweeter Deal (Box/Snarski/Kakulas)
Look Away (Kakulas/Luscome/Snarski)
You’re A Good Doctor (Kakulas/Snarski/Halstead)


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