woensdag 21 november 2007

Blackeyed Susans Trio : Hard Liquor Soft Music

This is Hard Liquor, Soft Music, a cassette album by The Blackeyed Susans Trio. Tracks are :

Bird On A Wire (Cohen) – 04:10
Summer Leaves (Kelly) – 03:30
Life Has Its Little Ups And Downs (Rich) – 03:32
Lost Highway (Payne) – 03:10
Trouble (Kakulas/Rollinson) – 03:29
20/20 Vision (Allison/Estes) – 03:21
Happiness (Appel) – 03:40
Lonesome Town (Knight) – 03:23
Delta Dawn (Collins/Harvey) – 02:45
Ocean Of You (McComb) – 03:23
One Day At A Time – 02:41
In The Pines (McComb) – 03:06


5 opmerkingen:

Robert zei


Thanks so much, I'm downloading now and can't wait to listen.

And thanks for the info on the 2008box-set, I hope it happens.

Out of curiousity, was this cassette album only sold at shows etc?

triff zei

Robert, I really don't know how the cassette was distributed at the time. I only have a copy of it on CDR.

Village Belle zei

Hi. Very interested in this, but link suggests it isn't Hard Liquor at all, but Spin the Bottle.
Am I looking at right link?

Anoniem zei

Ignore earlier post. Just downloaded as too impatient and have Bird in the Wire playing now. Fantastic. Have the first few tracks from the THis One Eats Souls single, but great to hear this. Never thought I would trip over it, given a cassette.
Very generous of you to share it. Tks a lot.

hiimpact zei

Does anyone out there have the artwork for this and/or a recording date?