maandag 5 november 2007

BB - Stack o' vocals

A compilation with (almost) no instruments.

Tracks are :
1) All summer long
2) Wendy
3) Hushabye
4) When I grow up
5) California girls
6) Surfer girl
7) Kiss me baby
8) Wouldn't it be nice
9) You still believe in me
10) That's not me
11) Don't talk
12) I'm waiting for the day
13) Sloop John B
14) God only knows
15) I know there's an answer
16) Here today
17) I just wasn't made for these times
18) Caroline No
19) Can't wait too long
20) I went to sleep
21) Add some music
22) Forever
23) Your imagination
24) South American
25) PT Cruiser
26) Break away
27) Cotton fields (single version, a capella)

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Anoniem zei


jdfan zei

very good cd with A-sounding songs accapella

Anoniem zei

Genial post and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you seeking your information.