vrijdag 21 september 2007

Triffids Stockholm

By request, the OOP live album Stockholm. All songs recorded live in Stockholm for The Bommen Show on Swedish National Radio in 1989. I ripped this from my CD. Maybe not the perfect live album (we're waiting what Domino records will have to offer) but still very good of course. Enjoy.

1. Property Is Condemned
2. Hell of a Summer
3. Personal Things
4. Raining Pleasure
5. Lonely Stretch
6. Sure the Girl I Love
7. Wide Open Road
8. Keep Your Eyes on the Hole
9. In the Pines
10. Billy
11. I Am a Lonesome Hobo
12. How Could I Help But Love You ?

5 opmerkingen:

Robert zei

A million, million thanks :)

Antonio / Aruba zei

thanks, but on 27 - 09 I could only get the first part of the album. Any help possible?


triff zei


it worked fine for me. Maybe you should try again.

Anoniem zei

Thanks so much for this goldmine blog! As a long time Triffids fan, it's amazing to find this place!

Regarding the Stockholm album, it's worth mentioning that although it was recorded live it wasn't in front of an audience. The Triffids were a favourite band with the Bommen show (which ran for many years offering the Swedish radio listeners alternative music that otherwise had no radio space). Dave McComb took the tapes to Australia, played the session over a PA during a special party for the audience to react to the recordings. So the audience cheers are real appreciation for the music, albeit not recorded at the same time as the music!

Anoniem zei

Also, McComb never had the permission to bring the tapes to Australia, and upon the altering of the original recordings, it spawned some time of bad feelings between the Bommen radio host and McComb. However, I think it straightened out before McComb's tragic death.