maandag 10 september 2007

Triffids : as featured in NEIGHBOURS !

In 1989, Bury me deep in love got a second chance of becoming a hit, as it was played in the soap series Neighbours. The CD single (my copy has got a sticker on it with the message "as featured in neighbours") has different B-sides than the original issue : Rent (Pet Shop boys cover) and Into the groove (Madonna cover). These B-sides are not included on the otherwise splendid Calenture 2CD re-issue. Here you find the complete CD-single.

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Robert zei

The Madonna cover is interesting.

I expected them to do a skewed, re-worked version, but it's quite faithful to the original.

Having never had the chance to see the Triffids live, did they feature covers in their sets very regularly? I'd be interested to hear what they covered besides the few recorded covers.

triff zei

Robert, they even did "covers only" shows. Maybe, I will post the one I have someday.
Also take a look here :

andrew.greenwood zei

I got this when it came out, along with the Goodbye little Boy single. I missed the second single of TBS so i am glad Graham put all the tracks onto the reissue.
Did I mention that this is a brilliant site?

andrew.greenwood zei

ps: I when I saw them at the Dominion they played Rent and Into the Groove (with a picture of a stained glass window showing Madonna and Child behind them.
I have a cassett of thjat show and one from the Astoria slightly earlier but no way (at present) to convert them to mp3

LMSG20 zei
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triff zei

Andrew, If you send them to me, I could convert them to mp3. Send me a mail at