maandag 3 september 2007

Beach Boys - Vocals Only 1

1.Surfer Girl
2.Farmer´s Daughter
3.Shut Down
4.Catch a Wave
5.In My Room
7.Surfer´s Rule
8.Your Summer Dream
9.Little Deuce Coupe
10.Ballad Of Old Betsy
11.Be True To Your School
12.Car Crazy Cutie
13. Cherry Cherry Coupe
14.Spirit Of America
15. Custom Machine
16. Our Car Club
17. Little Saint Nick
18. Santa´s Beard
19. Merry Christmas Baby
20. I Do
21. Fun Fun Fun
22. Don´t Worry Baby
23. In The Parking Lot
24. Warmth Of The Sun
25. This Car Of Mine
26. Keep An Eye On Summer
27. Pom Pom Playgirl
28. Loui Loui
29. Ganz Allein
30. All Summer Long
31. Hushabye
32. Wendy
33.Girls On The Beach
34. Drive
35. Don´t Back Down

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