maandag 3 mei 2010

The Triffids : a secret in the shape of a song in Hasselt 17 April 2010

A first recording of the show on Saturday has appeared. You can find it here :

A huge thanks to the original uploader.

btw the very amateur pic is from the Sunday show, where even Warren Ellis was singing Once a day.

1. introduction by "Handsome" Steve Miller
2. Too Hot To Move, Too Hot To Think (vocals: Graham Lee)
3. Place in the Sun (vocals: Alsy MacDonald)
4. introduction by Alsy MacDonald
5. Tarrilup Bridge (vocals: Jill Birt)
6. "Handsome" Steve Miller announces Rob Snarski
7. In the Pines (vocals: Rob Snarski)
8. Hell of a Summer (vocals: Rob Snarski)
9. "Handsome" Steve Miller announces Mick Harvey
10. The Seabirds (vocals: Mick Harvey)
11. Kelly's Blues (vocals: Mick Harvey)
12. "Handsome" Steve Miller announces Mark Snarski
13. Bury Me Deep in Love (vocals: Mark Snarski)
14. Bright Lights Big City (vocals: Mark Snarski)
15. Life of Crime (vocals: Mark Snarski)
16. "Handsome" Steve Miller announces some birthdays
17. Rob McComb projects and comments on old family pictures and reads some of Dave's poetry
18. This One Eats Souls (The Blackeyed Susans)
19. Ocean of You (The Blackeyed Susans)
20. Leaning (The Blackeyed Susans)
21. The Good Life Never Ends (The Blackeyed Susans)
22. Red Pony (The Blackeyed Susans)
23. "Handsome" Steve Miller announces Melanie Oxley
24. Embedded (vocals: Melanie Oxley)
25. I Want To Conquer You (vocals: Melanie Oxley)
26. Lifelike (vocals: Melanie Oxley)
27. Raining Pleasure (vocals: Jill Birt)
28. Goodbye Little Boy (vocals: Jill Birt)
29. Jill Birt announces Adrian Hoffman
30. Bad Timing (vocals: Adrian Hoffman)
31. Beautiful Waste (vocals: Adrian Hoffman)
32. "Handsome" Steve Miller announces Stef Kamil Carlens
33. Personal Things (vocals: Stef Kamil Carlens)
34. Trick of the Light (vocals: Stef Kamil Carlens)
35. Lonely Stretch (vocals: Stef Kamil Carlens)
36. "Handsome" Steve Miller announces Simon Breed
37. Stolen Property (vocals: Simon Breed)
38. Wide Open Road (vocals: Simon Breed)
39. Jerdacuttup Man (vocals: Graham Lee)
40. Save What You Can (vocals: Simon Breed)

Encore #1:
41. "Handsome" Steve Miller announces Harald Vanherf
42. Property Is Condemned (vocals: Harald Vanherf)
43. Setting You Free (vocals: Mick Harvey)
44. Pile Up (vocals: Kaat & Daan)

Encore #2:
45. Enemy Mine (vocals: J.P. Shilo)
46. Fairytale Love (vocals: Graham Lee, Rob Snarski & Adrian Hoffman)
47. "Handsome" Steve Miller announces The Triffids for a final song
48. Tender Is The Night (The Long Fidelity) (vocals: Alsy MacDonald & Jill Birt)
49. The Triffids take a bow

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Just8 zei

Thanks for this - I'll give it a listen - could take a while though, as I'm still busy listening to the wonderful 'Come ride with me' boxset...

staggerlee zei

hi buddy, juan from spain here, listen is there a way you could reupload `buckle in the rail´of chad´s tree????? please i want it and its not even in itunes.
thanks mate

triff zei

hey juan

It's on the crossing off the miles 2cd album. Just buy it, it's not that expensive. I wouldn't like to offend the good people taking the financial risk of that brilliant re-issue.

staggerlee zei

i hope i could mate but here in spain its impossible, also i dont have credit card to buy it overseas and spanish itunes dont have it....i have kerosene and the demos but missing that one....maybe you could send me a private link and delete it next day, i wont share it though.