zondag 7 maart 2010

Blackeyes Susans demos

Hey there

It's been a while. Very busy and interesting times for Triffheads.

Let's see what we have :
- the it's raining pleasure DVD from director Steven Levett : still for sale and a must buy
- the deep in a dream live CD
- the reveal yourself box by Blackeyed Susans
- coming up next month the Triffids 10 CD box issued by Domino titled Come ride with me and the best of 1 CD called Wide open road
- hopefully released very soon the Chad's tree 2 CD compilation of both their albums, their singles and some extras, issued by Memorandum recordings
- last but not least, concerts by The Triffids and friends in London, Hasselt and Athens

And also some demos by the Blackeyed Susans (so-called London sessions) to investigate and enjoy :

1. Spanish is the loving tongue
2. Anchor me
3. In the pines
4. Angel of uncertain times
5. Wee small hours of the morning
6. He'll have to go


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