vrijdag 25 september 2009

Skyray - Mind Lagoons

Skyray is a project by Paul Simpson (The Wild Swans). The now OOP Mind Lagoons album also features Bill Drummond (the KLF). Apparently it was Bill who contributed pedal steel guitar samples by "Evil" Graham Lee on some tracks of this album, i.e. samples that were not used on the KLF albums. So here you get your Triffids connection !

I really like Graham's contribution here, as well as his work with the KLF and with (more recently) All India Radio.

Sunset Love Drone
Jet Stream Summer
Bikini Atoll
Sunken Ships
Mind Lagoons (spoken word by Bill Drummond)
Marine Light Interlude
Ornate Flame Terminal
Girl in a Birdcage
Starry Dome Interlude
Jet Stream (Vapour Trails)
Aloha Sunset Lovedrome
High Viking (Hidden Track)


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