donderdag 3 juli 2008

Blackeyed susan

Jonathan Alley did a one hour special (on Australian radio station RRR) on Dave's post- Triffids work.

You can stream it here :

Guests were Phil Kakulas and Bill McDonald.

In the show he did a cross fade of Blackeyed susan from the demo version on Black Swan disc 2 to the regular version from the album.

I made a litle mp3 containing a short introduction and an interview with Phil Kakulas and the new "mix" of Blackeyed susan. You can find it here :

By the way, this will be the only post for July. Enjoy your holidays !

1 opmerking:

Anoniem zei

this crossfade was completely accidental.
but, I am glad you and anyone else enjoyed it.
the perpetrator . (Jonathan)