maandag 2 juni 2008

Triffids - Field of glass

The Field of glass EP was one of the first recordings by the Triffids I bought. Actually, it's three songs from the first Peel session. Now you can find it in full glory again on the Beautiful waste and other songs CD.

Did you know that they actually remixed FOG for the record ? Well then, now you can verify this as I have here the original Peel session version as broadcasted on the radio. Enjoy !

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Anoniem zei

These last two posts have been brilliant, thanks so much.

Anoniem zei

My favorite Triffids track!! Thank you.

Robert zei

This is great, thanks so much for posting.

I've been giving this a lot of listens, I really think I prefer it to the released FOG version. Not because it's more 'authentic', just because Dave's voice sounds more powerful sometimes without the quite 'high' mix of the overdubbed vocals in the released version.

I'm curious though, there are still vocal overdubs by Dave on this version. I'm slightly ignorant on the process of Peel Sessions, I always thought they were just 'live' recordings in the studio on Mr. Peel's show. But no? Bands over-dub etc?

Fantastic post, thanks again.


Evan zei

I like this version as a great insight into the final, excellent, one side of a 12" track came to be. I think the bit of production (new vocal, extra drum, harder edged mix) after the fact turned a great track into an outstanding one.